Mobile Money Machines 2 – Review

Mobile Money Machines 2 is alive and well, and working to help people just like you make money online. I know, it sounds just like another hyped up sales page, but this is only a review of what I have found with the system. Take it or leave it…it is up to you. I just want you to be as well informed as possible about Mobile Money Machines 2.

First, you need to know that it is both a course and software. This was put together by two internet marketers (some call them gurus) named Frank Lucas and Matt Marcus. Do not be worried about the course. It is not a difficult learning curve. They tell you everything you need to know in order for you to be successful and make money. They do not leave out any secrets.

Second, the software is dead simple to use also. With your training, and the software, you will be able to easily create mobile splash pages, easily capture users phone numbers, and then easily market products to them earning you commissions. One thing that I learned from this (besides the training and the software itself) was that the mobile market is allegedly 5 times bigger than the internet market. I found this hard to believe, but in reality it does not matter to me. Why? Because there are thousands upon thousands of people trying to sell affiliate products on the internet, but there are not many trying to sell them on mobile phones.

What this means is that you have less competition, and it becomes easier for you to make a real profit. But I need to warn you. Even though the software is very easy to use, if you are total newbie to online marketing, I would recommend that you not buy it. However, if you are a really determined newbie, then go ahead.

My overall opinion of Mobile Money Machines 2 is that it is a very well designed course, and software and it actually makes mobile marketing very easy. I wish it existed a year ago when I first started to work the mobile market.

If you are interested in learning more, Frank and Matt have put together a video explaining more about it. Of course, you will get some hype, but there is also a lot more information. Just sit back and watch it for the 7 or 8 minutes. You may even be entertained by it!

Mobile Money Machines 2